Việt Cầm Dance is looking for some well trained dancers. Please read the following requirements:

  • Experienced in any type(s) of dance
  • Passionate about dance
  • Martial Arts experience is also a plus
  • Asian looking is a plus

Việt Cầm Dance is an Orange County based dance team that specializes in Vietnamese Traditional Ethnic Dances. If you have any extensive background in Martial Arts, Ballet , Hiphop, Jazz, Tap, or Modern dance, we want you. We are only looking for people who are passionate about dancing. If your reason of entering is anything otherwise, this is not the team for you. To save both our time and yours, please enter our group only if you love dancing. Practice time is mostly during the weekend . Expect two hours every Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon. Sometime less, sometimes more. There are two types of position available: permanent position and part time position.

Part time position:

  • Get paid per show.
  • Do not have to practice every weekend. Only rehearse in the shows that we ask you to participate in.
  • Experienced in dance.
  • Limited in duty & in benefit. You do not have to do free shows for the communuty & charity. You do not have to do small shows which get lower pay. You would not get free trainning in dancing, singing, acting, etc. You would not get free coaching. You would not be the first choice in any promotions .You would not be the first choice for international shows.

Permanent position :

  • Practice weekly and learns all the Việt Cầm Dances. The more dances you know in the Việt Cầm repertory, the more useful you will be to the group.
  • Besides participating in big shows, you should be able to perform for smaller shows including lower pay or nonpaid fundraising events for the community.
  • Dedicated members are the first choice to perform international shows . Dedication is measured by attendance and attitude. We want a great team player. Multi-talented, great personality, and positive attitude would also help .Permanent members receive training on dancing, singing, acting, etc…free of charge. Members will also get free coaching when participating in a special project. Permanent members would be the first choice to an assignment. If the position is left open, it is then filled by a part-time member. Permanent members would also get reference to outside jobs. Meaning Việt Cầm Dance is not involved in those projects (like Modeling, acting in Music video/movie, dancing for the other choreographers/the other dance groups…)Any questions, please send us an email (
    Thank you very much, we look forward to expanding the first Vietnamese semi-professional dance group outside of Vietnam .