Dance performances

Our dance group resides in Southern California (in Little Saigon area), but we have performed Vietnamese traditional dances all over the world. We have performed in Japan, Phillipines, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Houston, San Jose, Mississipi, Atlanta … for Van Son Productions. We have performed in Paris for Nhu Quynh’s 10 years anniversary in 2005 (Thanks to Nhu Quynh). We participated in some of Thuy Nga & Asia ‘s dvds, Ca Dao Productions, Tinh Productions, The Gioi Nghe Thuat, MFC entertainment, Blue Ocean, Đỗ Thanh….. In 2006, we had a chance to perform in Hawaii, Philadelphia (Thanks to Lac Hong Performing Art & Laywer Nguyen Hoang Dung). By now, we have more than 200 dances in our repertoire.

Sometime we do different kinds of dance to show appreciation to the other cultures. Above is the Japanese dance “Mot Thuo Dam Me”. Music by Thanh Son. Singer : Truong Vu. Choreographed and costumes designed by Ñình Luaân. Tieu Thanh Thuy Van (principle dancer) took the lead part. We performed this dance in Tokyo for Van Son Productions.


Nina Nguyen, Mylan Dang with singer Quynh Dung


Above is “Farewell my Generals” (Từ Phu Tướng). Music : Dạ Cổ hoài lang of Cao Văn Lầu. Singer Nhã Thanh. Johnny Lê (principle dancer) took the lead part.


Above is a Korean dance “Gió sang mùa” . Singer Tâm Đoan. For Vân Sơn live show in Houston 2003.


Above is a mini musical “Your shirts or my shirts – Áo anh áo em”. With comedians : Vân Sơn & Giáng Ngọc.


Dance “Midnight dream – Giấc mộng đêm Rằm”. Singer Nhã Thanh. Vietnamese folk music, lyrics by Thanh Son. Choreographed and costumes designed by Ñình Luaân.