We do acting in Music videos, commercials, you might have seen our faces in MTV music videos of Thuy Nga Productions, Van Son ‘s mini-musicals, Tinh Productions, The Gioi Nghe Thuat, Ca Dao Productions, Asia Productions…etc…






Diễm Hồ and Kimberly Trần are well trained in Martial Arts (Wushu). Đây là 2 cô Đào Võ của nhóm Việt Cầm.




Jonathan, Sarith, Hong Dao, Bao Liem, Van Son,Le, Jim, Peter, Mrs. Kathy in “Anh hung nao Ha Tien”.


Jonathan Phan & Sarith Xin Wuku are the ones that handle all the Martial Art challenges. You can get to know them more by visit (They also work as stunt men too !). Sarith has been doing commercial internationaly.


Jayvee Hiep, Hong Hai, Thuy Van,Thy,Le, Tom, Peggy,Michele in Van Son in San Jose 2004.


Left : Our charming Jonathan Phan is ill-treating Van Son (Van Son in Australia 2005). Right : The girls are fighting by their feet.